God’s Boundaries

I’ve made mention before about the detail that God allowed into the previous books in the Pentateuch – from the design of the ephod worn by the high priests to the number of curtain hooks that were to be made for the temple.

Now, in chapters 13 through 19 of Joshua, we see the incredible detail given to describe the lands and territories given to each of the Israelite tribes.  An example:

“This is what Moses had given to the tribe of Gad, clan by clan:

The territory of Jazer, all the towns of Gilead and half the Ammonite country as far as Aroer, near Rabbah; and from Heshbon to Ramath Mizpah and Betonim, and from Mahanaim to the territory of Debir; and in the valley, Beth Haram, Beth Nimrah, Succoth and Zaphon with the rest of the realm of Sihon king of Heshbon (the east side of the Jordan, the territory up to the end of the Sea of Kinnereth).  These towns and their villages were the inheritance of the Gadites, clan by clan.”Joshua 13:24-28

Once again, I think the Bible is intended to reveal the very nature of God to us.  He is very detailed, and He likes things to be orderly and lawful.  Should we ever think that God’s grace under the new law somehow makes God care less about what we do and how we live – remember this – God does not change (1 Samuel 15:29).


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