No Room for God

“In his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.”Psalm 10:4

This verse came as something of a confirmation to me today. It is always on my mind that there are so many things that can (and do) distract me from God. Recently during a 3-day fast, I was hoping to overcome some of that very temptation, because it would allow me some more time to reflect and focus on God. Though it was a profitable time of prayer, I found that it was still difficult to concentrate for any great length of time on godly things. This will lead me to do things differently for my next fast.
But imagine the sadness of the wicked man who has “no room for God”, as in this passage. Is this not an apt description for those in our world who reject the idea of a Creator and a Savior, even though it is abundantly clear that this is exactly what they need? Our culture has so many “fun” and entertaining things that can divert us from our Lord. Just as this passage points out, it can leave people with “no room for God”.

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