Good and Evil

Let a righteous man strike me—it is a kindness; let him rebuke me—it is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it. Yet my prayer is ever against the deeds of evildoers; their rulers will be thrown down from the cliffs, and the wicked will learn that my words were well spoken. They will say, “As one plows and breaks up the earth, so our bones have been scattered at the mouth of the grave.”Psalm 141:5-7

The author here is expressing the difference between the righteous and wicked. Correction from a righteous man is welcomed and appreciated. But there are more words devoted to how the writer will feel when the wicked finally realize that they were on the wrong side of the fight. It seems that they will come to a time when they will fully understand their fate, and just how wrong they were to reject the God that created them.

I'm currently reading a book on Creation vs. Evolution, and I am saddened when I read the stories of scientists and philosophers who flatly reject the idea that God could have created everything that we know. Part of me wants to cry out, “Don't you see? Can't you understand that the trust you put into evolution through random and highly improbable events requires far more faith than simply believing in a Divine Creator?” When one studies the science behind the vast complexity of biological processes, and how they must ALL be in place at once in order for life to be sustained – how they couldn't have “evolved” one at a time – I can't help but think about verses like the ones above. Someday, these scientists will know their error. And they will realize that they will be standing in an eternal grave, separated for eternity from the God that they rejected. May God grant these men and women the wisdom to repent and acknowledge Him before it is too late!


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