An Amazing Genealogical Discovery

“A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham:”Matthew 1:1

At long last, this blog turns to the New Testament! It may seem like the book of Matthew gets off to a slow start, with a genealogy, but there is vital importance in tracing Jesus' roots back to real men of history. It is critical to link the person of Jesus Christ with actual events and history.

The list of names begins with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and proceeds on through Ruth, Jesse, David, and Solomon, ending with Jacob and Joseph. These are some very famous and historically verifiable names. And the promise made to Abraham long ago is fulfilled forty-two generations later in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is a direct descendant of Abraham, and he has been placed forever on the throne in heaven – as promised.

But here is something that never occurred to me until today. If Mary was the mother of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was his father, then this means that none of the blood in Jesus is actually tied directly to Abraham through his father! The genealogy lists Joseph's side of the family only. Did any of Abraham's blood really flow through Jesus' veins?

The answer can be found in Luke 3, beginning in verse 23, where we find the genealogy of Mary. Lo and behold, her ancestry goes back to Abraham as well! Their genealogies are the same until the generation after King David – where Joseph's line follows from Solomon, while Mary's line follows that of Nathan. Most importantly, God's promise to Abraham is fulfilled!


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